CONTENT BUILDING: We offer the ability to fill in the gap of your business branding with an authentic “voice” by creating content with the help of graphic design, photography and influencer content.

PHOTOGRAPHY: We offer a variety of Photography packages that’ll allow you to jumpstart your Social Media presence with quality content that unify your brand voice.

CONSULTING: If you’re stuck in your branding voice and how to approach your next steps into Social Media. Book an appointment and we’ll get you started - and excited. Consulting appointments start at $50 / per hour.

BRAND MATERIALS: We offer services such as putting together Media Kits, Branding Books, and pamphlets for individual projects / campaigns. All projects are available for quotes by email.



How do you work with Influencers? Why are they important?
are an important component to today’s businesses. The growth of Instagram has created new job opportunities for Influencers to create their own voice, brand and business right from their own home. Influencers are a walking advertisement that are better than any commercial on tv or ad pop up on your favorite shopping website. They have created their community that believes in their taste, suggestions and lifestyle.

Over the years, we have created a lasting relationship with our roster of Influencers that we often work with. We often analyze an Influencer’s profile by their photo quality, perspective, engagement and following to dictate what fits best with each of our clients’ branding. Some Influencers require a fee for their hard work, and others compromise with a product trade agreement.

How do you grow the following audience on your client’s Instagram account?
We believe the Instagram algorithm is always changing, but we also do not believe in buying engagement or followers. From our experience, we have gained a fast growth on Instagram followers and engagement by a series of Giveaway partnerships (both with brands and Influencers) as well as a consistency in engagement. We urge all our new clients to understand this does not happen overnight. Instagram growth happens overtime, especially authentic growth. This is why we require a minimum of 3 months contract to ensure we’re getting started in the right components for a successful growth pattern.

What is your most basic service package?
It all depends on where you are with your Company growth on Social Media. I’ve helped brands grow from scratch on Social Media to chiming in when they felt like nothing else is working. My most basic package usually comes with an overall review of your current social brand presence. I’ll present you a quote that’ll share 2 package options - the outcome of Social Media does not happen overnight. The work I’ll be doing will happen over a course of time - I would always recommend a minimum of 3 months.