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“Annie has always been an extremely positive, efficient and creative person to work with. She understands the needs of each client instinctively, and is able bring complex ideas to life using imagery, voice and design. She is also someone who is willing to go above and beyond the demands of the job to come up with unique ideas for growth and partnerships.”

- Elina, head of marketing for Dockatot 2016-2018



“We were a little late to the Instagram game but we knew we needed to be there and do it well. We were so happy to have found Annie who completely understands our customers and can generate relevant content for them to enjoy. Annie works independently and remotely but her posts and content is always relevant to what we are working on…it’s as if she’s in the office with us! We definitely can see the increase in our brand awareness from feedback we receive at consumer shows, and we’ve also seen a rise in site traffic as people discover us.”

- Lauren, co-founder of Magnetic Me



“Annie took the time to understand my baby business and help me grow my Instagram followers substantially, from being barely present on Instagram with 1000 followers, to having around 15,000 followers in less than two years. She really worked to build relationships with influencers in a way that my small business could afford, primarily through giving them products. She advised me on the basics of social media, as I was really reticent to dive in, and I was definitely a novice! Annie was a great asset to my small business.”

- Kirsten, founder of Kleynimals